Skincare Secrets

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​*Skincare Secrets*

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​Containing your complete cleansing ritual, theses skincare essentials will ensure you achieve beautiful skin all year round.

​Lait Hydra Fraicheur-

​This refeshing milk cleanser gently removes make up and daily impurities to reveal a radiant complextion. (100ml)

Lotion Hydra Fraicheur-

​Containing regenerating jinseng extract and soothing aloe vera. This toning lotion moisturises and softens the skin whilst rebalancing the ph levels. (100ml)

​Gommage Biologique-

​This gel texture exfoliator containing natural fruit acids gently removes dead skin cells revieling a radiant complexion. (50ml)

​Creme Hydra Beaute-

​Containing shear butter and vitamin E this multiaction moisturiser protects and softens dehydrtaed skin for long lasting hydration. (50ml)

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