Radiant Beauty

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​*Radiant Beauty*

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​Achieve beautiful illuminous skin with these radiant enhancing essentials.

​Masque Yeux-

​This refreshing eye mask reduces the apperance of dark circles whilst brightening the eye area. The double action care smoothes crows feet and improves the draining effect on heavy eyelids for immidiate anti-fatigue action. (30ml)

Masque Dynamisant-

​Containing cooling essential oils of mint and eycolyptus this anti-fatigue masque instantly restores the skins radiance whilst moisturising and soothing the complextion. (15ml)

​Mini lift eclate Beaute-

​Instantainiously lifts the skin and reduces the apperance of fatigue due to the nautral sugar complex. An express beauty treatment: The epidermis is smoothed the complexion is revived and mke up in enhanced. (2 Viles)

​Creme Bioxygene-

This oxygenating radiance cream boosts the oxygenation of the skin cells whilst protecting against polution allowing the skin to breathe. (50ml)

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